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Our Story: Grumpy Dumpling Co. is a family business started in 2022 by husband and wife, Kook and Joc. Kook is from Thailand and Joc lived there for nine years teaching English. Kook was a suit-wearing, Bangkok business guy with a passion for food and always dreamed of starting his own restaurant. Joc had entrepreneurial experience and missed good Thai food after moving back to America in the Spring of 2022. They put their heads and passions together after Kook made some awesome dumplings one night. In late June 2022, Grumpy Dumpling Co. popped up at our first event and sold out.

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Our Dumplings: Our dumplings are all hand folded and fresh. Yes, you're right, it takes a long time. We believe in the importance of high-quality food and use organic meat and local vegetables to fill our dumplings. You can order them cold and cook them up in 3 minutes at home, or snag some hot ones from an event or farmers' market.

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Our Grumpy Sauce: You're not the only one who drinks it straight out of the cup. We can't give away all the secrets for this, but we blend our own and it does include special ingredients from Thailand. 

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Our Name: One night, Joc came home and Kook was making dumplings for dinner. He was in a bad mood, a grumpy mood, if you will. And she said, "Wow, you're a real grumpy dumpling tonight." Bingo, company name. He will never live it down.

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Our Logo: Pre-Covid, Joc and Kook were on a trip to Nara, Japan and saw a street artist doing marker drawings of couples. They sat and had him draw a hilarious picture of the two of them. Joc followed him on IG. Fast forward to 2022 and trying to think of a logo for the business. A lightbulb went off and Joc contacted @BlasterMatsushita and hired him to draw the Grumpy Dumpling. He nailed it, we think. Follow him on IG, he's got cool stuff!

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